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The increase in export orders and can not give too much comfort shoes enterprises

The recent increase in export orders can not to the shoe enterprises too much relief, as the increase of the part is moved to overseas customers orders. At present, the problem in front of Dongguan shoe enterprises is the industry collective shrink. Dongguan shoe chamber of Commerce said, for most enterprises, the overall production and sales are less than the original, although they export share has increased, but the domestic market has shrunk is great. "With the shoe off, some enterprises do not directly on the machine. Also some shoe-making enterprises in overseas markets and shoe machine enterprises competition, because of relatively weak overseas marketing based, were lost some customers. "
Experts said that China's current average annual per capita consumption of footwear is only 2.5 pairs, far below the United States each year an average of 7.5 double level, a huge potential for the future, and with shoe mature industry chain and talent team in Dongguan, position is strong and broad prospects. Experts believe that although China's footwear exports accounted for 80%, but in the long run, the domestic market will become more important platform for shoe-making enterprises and related supporting industries. Even days, most of the Dongguan shoe prices more adequate orders can be done in 4, May, a small number of large enterprises in order to be able to do so in October. However, the shoe prices also reflect, this year's profit is more modest, can get 7% has no complaints, some companies receive a single profit is down to 2%. The abundance shoe machine "in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei and other provinces and cities in more than one has offices, the products are also times sales all over the country. From the first machine, "rich" brand is to win customers with quality reputation. With the continuous strengthening of the comprehensive strength of the company, "plumping" sewing machine production and sales are in the same industry in leading position. Now the products have been exported to Southeast Asia and South America and other overseas shoe bases, to provide quality products for the global footwear industry. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to after-sales service links, where the machine is sold, and after-sales service personnel to follow where, so that customers worry free, buy the rest assured that the use of comfort. With "plumping" brand will continue to strike root in the hearts of the people, the continuous improvement of brand value, making some companies in the industry to reap without sowing, malicious counterfeiting "plumping" brand, confuse, please the majority of consumers recognize the brand, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. At the same time, "plumping" also thank trust and support of the majority of customers over the years, the pay of painstaking research and development in a more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving equipment, for the footwear industry to give their own modest.