From 2009 to 2014, each session of China apparel industry e-commerce summit held is a witness of the development of electronic commerce in Quanzhou, from a belief in the power of electronic commerce to convinced this year the power of electronic commerce, Quanzhou Quanzhou business enterprise in than a year even more confident.
In 2013, Quanzhou electric power constantly, can not be separated from the government's strong push hands, the municipal government has also attached great importance to the development of e-commerce. Recently, Quanzhou city government issued "on the creation of a national e-commerce demonstration city to further accelerate the notice of promoting electronic commerce development of ten measures", for Quanzhou City, accelerate the national e-commerce demonstration of urban construction, the Quanzhou create electronic commerce industry and trade integration of the city, this paper puts forward ten measures. Quanzhou municipal finance will arrange 20 million yuan each year as a special fund to accelerate the development of the ten measures to promote the development of electronic commerce, and further promote the development of e-commerce in our city, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Ten measures implemented since January 1, 2014, valid for 2 years. 10 electricity suppliers in the issue of views, and once again to the Quanzhou business enterprise to bring more determined the way of electricity suppliers.

  2013 "double eleven", become Quanzhou brand online burst most colourful day. On the same day, the spring rate glorious victories, online retail sales of nearly 1 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of nearly 65%. A group of Quanzhou brand become the day the Red Star: seven wolves only men's category gains 1.29 billion yuan, has become the province's first single day sales break million yuan of enterprise. Rimula, carbenes, joeone and with the wolf dance etc. four min School of garment enterprises, into the lynx men's category of the top 20, Anta, XTEP, Jordan, Hongxing Erke, 361 degrees, peak into the top 20 of the lynx sports category; Jiumu kitchen sitting on building materials head chair, Fuguiniao, wood Linsen four Quanzhou brand into the top 20 men and footwear. A list to show the full Quanzhou elements, the refraction is that the physical store + electricity suppliers, the integration is becoming mainstream.
Leveraging the network, a number of well-known brands to Tiannandebei, and achievements of a number of new brand, promote traditional enterprises by providers to achieve the transformation.

  Has been the industry wide spread of OEM (OEM) to own brand Quanzhou samples, may to Kyle garment transformation brand of electric grid men. In 2010, the transition from the foreign trade OEM to brand management difficult Kyle Garment General Manager Wu Zhichao, concentrating in the tide line to the brand of men's business, less than two years, is among the top Taobao Amoy brand men's top three, the average daily shipments of more than 1 million pieces. Similarly, "Kim le" and "Cady slave" a crack7 network brand on-line recording. And like this transformation story, there are a lot of. It is also a unit of electricity from the government's electricity supplier policy, from a home dare to take the power of the business enterprise power, and promote the establishment of a national e-commerce model city in Quanzhou.
To strengthen the national e-commerce demonstration of urban construction atmosphere publicity, according to Quanzhou city government issued "about creating national e-commerce demonstration city further accelerate push electronic commerce development of ten measures notice" requirement, Quanzhou City People's Government hosted, global shoes co sponsored, Quanzhou City Economic and Trade Commission, Quanzhou City Electronic Commerce Center, Quanzhou City Commerce Association hosted the 2014 (fifth) China shoes industry e-commerce summit and Quanzhou create national e-commerce demonstration city development achievements exhibition will be held on 17 April 2014 in Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel in Puxi Wanda.

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