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Address:Xia Mao Haikou Bridge commercial building,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China


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  Shoe Machine Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Harvest was founded in 1999, is a development, sales and service。 One of the professional shoe machinery company, main products are sewing machine series, oven range, pressing machine series。 Line series, more than 100 kinds of widely used in footwear, handbag, toy factory based products business. Public Licensing Division has abundance of domestic long licensing, trademark AUDI and other famous brands.

  "Quality, innovation, service" is the constant pursuit of the goal, in addition to constant pursuit of technological breakthroughs, more Years of practical experience that provide customers with the entire factory production planning, equipment supply, and meticulous technique
Service. Completely meet our customers efficient, high quality requirements can be excellent.

  Harvest shoe machine's success depends on support of friends over the years. China sincerely welcomes

  Internal and external users to guide, consult, negotiate, purchase and provide valuable advice.